Monday, August 11, 2008

the Beginings of well... something

hey friends, here's the very first post. well i guess i'm starting into the world of blogging now, and quite frankly i don't know how well I'll keep up with it. or if anyone else out there will keep up with this or read it none the less. anyway I was talking to a friend today about blogging and decided why not try to start one for myself so i figured I'd give it a go and see where it leads me. now the predicament I'm in is what to blog about. i guess i could start by posting up some recent artwork here in a little bit and let you know about projects in the works and such like that. this will probably be mainly an art related blog, but I'm sure I'll be posting music related items in here aswell seeing as I'm in a band and all and consequently music takes up alot of my time aswell.

i just got back from a mini tour with my band (the Last Hope) on sunday. we headed out for 5 days and it was quite awesome, although it was a tease of the awesomeness that is a tour. i struggle with even calling it a mini tour simply for the fact that it was nothing more than a jaunt out to Grand Rapids, Chicago, South Bend Indiana, Rock Falls illinois and back. I'm not in the least bit saying it was less than fun, just simply too short. other than that i worked on some pretty sweet fine art commissions this past month and a half which I'll post up hopefully today. the one was for a friend of mine Justin Kunis and his girlfriend Samantha Lennox: two airbrush portraits, one of frankenstein and one of his bride. the other peice was for another friend of mine John Lario: an oil painting of Godzilla destroying tokyo. I'll post up some pics and talk about the peices themselves and look forward to comments and such.

Well I look forward to this relationship with all of you here in the world of blogging on the internet and I hope it continues to flourish and grow.
-cheers, Denman

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