Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Digital

Well over the past couple months I've been slowly teaching myself how to paint digitally. It was an interesting struggle between knowing what i wanted to do with what i could do. I started out on Corel painter IX, because i figured it's a painting simulation program so obviously it will work best. and after getting a bit frustrated in not knowing the program and other things i gave up and started the project i was working on all over again but this time in photoshop CS3. this worked out ok for a while but still didn't look the way i wanted, I started doing some research on it and read and watched some helpful tutorials. eventually i found an artist, Chris Oatley, online who had some helpful personal tutorials and after messaging him on deviantart gave me a handful of photoshop brushes he used for his digital painting purposes. As a traditional painter i find it easier to sketch on paper and then scan it on to the computer, I then start a color composition in Photoshop and then moving on to more detail. right now I'm using Painter mainly for finishing touches, but who knows down the road maybe I'll lean more towards it rather than PS. anyway here's the digital painting i did from one of my terminal sketches last week.

As a first finished digital painting project I'm pretty happy with it. hopefully down the road as I practice more with the digital medium I'll learn to use it to it's full potential, but for now I'm pretty happy with this one. I kinda wish i could add some more elements to this painting to bring out more of the 70's feel i kind of see in it, but i figured I didn't want to spend much more time on it, as it was mainly for practice. I titled it "Waiting for the Call" because that's what she seems like she's doing. It looks as if she's waiting to go out on her date or something. kinda cheesy but oh well. i guess it's better than calling it "Digital Painting of model Christy"... maybe.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing, Denman! Keep up the ridiculously talented work :)

Justin S Davis said...

This is awesome.
You and your talent, UGH!

Kaylyn said...

These are great. I didn't realize you could do stuff like this in CS3 (thinking about it now, it makes sense).

Morgan J. Smith said...

good job denman. keep posting these because i want to see your work. also if you click them, you can view them larger. its been helpful for me.