Friday, August 22, 2008

Terminal illness

On Wednesday night I joined my friend Erik von Gore for a new artist gathering of sorts called the Terminal club. He started it up a few weeks ago after a year or so of it brewing in his mind, and quite frankly I'm glad it finally boiled over. Terminal club is hosted at our friend and awesome artist Mihailo's studio in the terminal buildings off east carson st. here in the south side. Terminal club is simply a place where artists can get together and draw live models, a luxury i haven't had since college 3 some years ago. It was an awesome time, i got to freshen up on my live drawing skills and meet other local artist in the process. when i got there it was just me and erik and mihailo. Mihailo however was very busy at his comic work titled "back to brooklyn" coming out this september. We had erik's friend Christy model for us and as a first time model she did an excellent job. Another of erik's friends, Jen, joined us for the last hour or so. all around it was a great time and I intend on going to as many as possible. here are a few of the sketches.

In other news I've been busy working on some t-shirt designs which I'll post here shortly and some signs for Hot Metal. furthermore I'm taking one of the live model sketches i did in the studio and turning it into a digital painting. I've been teaching myself wiht some online tutorials in digital painting the past few months and it's coming along pretty good. I got excited about trying it and blasted through most of it today. I'll be gone the next couple days, but hopefully I'll post it early next week. I think that about sums up the past couple days.

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bombsfall said...

Dude, you gotta let me know when this is happening again. I am so there. We can laugh at my life drawing skills which haven't been utilized since high school, which I almost 10 years ago.

Oh my god, I've become old.