Wednesday, September 24, 2008

busy in the Burg!

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long. I guess in a good way it means I've been busy the past few weeks. The past two weekends have been particularly great. the weekend of the 13th was spent with my family at "Thistle Dew" (the name of my parents house. my mom's side of the family enjoys naming things like their houses and such). to each their own. Anyway It was nice as the whole family was there brothers and all, joined also by matthew's girlfriend lara. The days were filled with the usual sociopolitical discussions and Rooke brother football.
This past weekend was my good friend and brother Doug's wedding. Which was great. I got to hang out with friends i haven't seen in a little while and dance the night away during the reception.
In other news, like i said earlier, I've been busy with projects and such. here are a couple of tattoo shirt designs i did for the In the Blood Tattoos.

I've been reading lately which has been nice. For the most part i usually only read while on tour. It's just easier considering the circumstances. I'm sitting in a van with nothing else to do, so every waking hour seems like a perfect time to read. I've also been writing some lyrics for the Last Hope, as our singer Justun left last month. It's been awesome and challenging at the same time. with Justun's leave we divided up a few of the songs that needed lyrics, so It's been fun to experiment in that avenue of creativity and expression.
I just realized I also recently finished a tattoo line drawing for my good friend Chris Matrozza. He has a spiderman sleave in the works and this one fills in his inner forearm. This one was fun because, despite the fact that it's spiderman, it was an original piece. The pose was brainstormed by Chris and I to fill in the space on his arm effectively. And with Chris' knowledge was applied to fit spiderman's technique.

When the tattoo is done on Chris' arm I'll post a picture.
So i guess a lot of tattoo stuff went on this past week. It all goes by so fast sometimes. I'm still wanting to continue with those Digital Paintings, but we'll see if that works out with my schedule. the end of the month always seems busier, seeing as bills are due and time seems less expendable.

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