Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long live the MOTHERLAND!

and here's a project I've been working on the past week. It was some random idea that fell into my sketchbook the other day. I've always had a fascination with the WWII era for some reason and so this is some weird surreal pull on it. the reason behind this was to put some digital paintings into my portfolio so this was a start and I plan on putting some more up this month. I will also be posting a tutorial on how i did it sometime soon, so enjoy and critiques are always welcome.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

art PRINTS for sale!

well in complete contrast to what i wrote a couple of days ago, I will be selling prints of my monster paintings amongst other things. so if you're at all interested check out my stores at www.revolution77.etsy.com and www.revolution-77.deviantart.com/prints. I believe I profit more if you buy off me from etsy, but each store has different sizes available anyway. so check it out!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Into the world of Comics: character Debby Auburn

well here's the last character for now, and if this project is a go I'll go through and spend some more time on the characters and post again.

Into the world of Comics: character Liz Gonzales

Here's tae ya!

well here's the start of an album cover I'm doing for Flatfoot 56, I'll post the rest of the design after it's all completed, but that might not be for a couple weeks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MONSTERS for sale!

well after thinking about for a bit i decided to finally part with my universal monster paintings. i was planning for a little bit to make prints of them, but decided i didn't want to put money into something i didn't 100% create. so I'm selling the originals to whoever wants for $75 each. if you know me personally you can always give me a call or stop by if you want one as well, and then I'll just take it down from my online store. there are 8 in all so go visit my shop at www.revolution77.etsy.com and pick up any you desire.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Into the world of Comics: character Daren Schwartz

and here is Daren, another character for the potential comic project I'm working on. you can actually find Erik Hendrix's blog here http://thelastbardsblog.blogspot.com/ . he has a short script posted there for a different project, so take a glance.

Into the world of Comics: according to Denman Sterling Rooke

well over the past few months, maybe close to a year, I've been trying to focus myself as an artist. I felt like as I started my business, I started it very broad. which isn't a bad thing but it lacked some direction. so after talking with a few of my close friends and thinking about it i decided i needed that little bit of focus. so i thought, "other than fine art, what would i like to pursue with my artwork?" and I figured i should concentrate myself as an illustrator. mainly in the direction of Concept art, digital painting illustration, and even possibly into comics as well. So I've been working on some projects for myself, as i don't have years of experience backing my digital medium. which makes it harder to get jobs in that field, even though i have a strong fine art background.
Well it so happened I found just a project to work on. It will be a collaboration project with a comic writer named Erik Hendrix, since he needs an artist and i need experience. nothing is set in stone. we're still in the stages of figuring out if I'll be a good artist for the project, but i figured I'd post some of the sketches for the characters. I won't be able to post much more than the characters as to keep the story under-wraps until completion. I'll keep you all updated with progress on this project and always appreciate the support. here's one of the characters, Misha Anderson.

Monday, January 5, 2009


share this with everyone you know, especially if you're an artist.