Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well it's Offical!


and I am definitely starting on that comic. Wow, coming after the steelers really downplays my excitement on the project. Well, anyway, Erik liked what I sent him so we'll be working on this project together. sadly though I can only work on the comic in my free time, but who knows if a publisher decides to pick it up and give us an upfront payment, I might be able to move it to first priority. I'll keep my fingers crossed i guess. And since It's definite now I'm going through and re-doing those character sketches. so here's the first one. this is Even Hicks. and once again you can visit Erik Hendrix's blog at

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TheLastBard said...

That's funny... THE STEELERS HAVE WON THE SUPERBOWL.... oh yeah, and by the way, um, whatever, but I'm working on that comic. HA HA! I'm excited that you're excited and look forward to what the future brings for the book... Anyone who actually knows what the plot is has very very positive things to say about it... too bad I'm so paranoid and secretive, huh?