Friday, March 13, 2009

More art and Mozart!

So, my good friend from high school is an AMAZING musician. He's studying jazz piano or composing or something at Belmont College in Nashville. he could pretty much invent music if he wanted to. He's been playing piano since he was four, I believe (Alan correct me if I'm wrong). anyway, he asked me to do a poster for his junior recital for college so... I did. Anyway, Alan, I'm sorry i didn't make you a 6-year old blue bunny or anything. thought about it, but figured it wouldn't make any sense to anyone except you, Justin, Dylan and I. To everyone else pretend you didn't read the last sentence.

Crime doesn't pay! but maybe comics will someday.

well here's a design I worked on today to broaden possible comic horizons. dabbling with ideas of genetic manipulation and enhancement, i figured I'd throw together the idea of a super-swat cop and his K-9 unit or what not. I plan on putting a digital painting of this together within the next month, but I was excited about the sketch so enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

National Popsicle Day!

So my friend Jordan asked me to do a quick poster for him. it was for a project in his business class i guess, and it was originally going to be a quick cartoon poster. but as i kept working on it, i was having more and more fun so i kept on going. so incidently this was the outcome of what was only supposed to take me an hour at tops. oh well, i had fun doing it though.