Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ironic Economy

well as the past few months have been a low for the general economic status, i have felt the exact opposite. I've been doing freelance work for the past 2 years come the first of May, and these past 2 months have got me spinning trying to get projects under control. from 3 websites to do to a 3'x4' comissioned painting to album and t-shirt designs, to two comics I'm working on, plus some i can't even think of becaus ei'm not looking at my extensive list, has just kept me gasping for air to try and keep up and keep clients happy. and to make all of that worse my adobe programs quit on me last week. but I'm back on track and slowly finishing bits on all the projects. In addition to my work schedule the band I'm in The Last Hope recorded our album last month and we're in the process of finishing the mixing, getting it mastered, and I've got to put all the artwork together for the album as well. I'll post the artwork on here with great work by Dylan Rooke and Jake Pellatiro as well.

It's good to write again, and I'll be posting a whole crap ton here, once i finish up on these projects. I'd love to post comic progress, but I don't want ruin anything the authors want to save and such. but I'll talk to them and see what i can get away with.


Vinton J Bayne said...

Oh man you do comics too? I'd love to get my hands on those when they're done.

I'm a pretty big comic geek.
It's great that you writing on here, I've been using blogspot for a long while and can count the amount of people I know that use it with my fingers...

Denman Rooke said...

ya, I'll post some stuff on here soon enough. I'll make sure I let you know when they come out. though it might not be for a good while.