Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gearing Up

Well it's almost time to head out on tour again. It's coming in 2 days. There's always something exciting about heading out on the road, something uncertain, something free. In a way it feels as if I leave behind all responsibility and normal life behind, and embark on one that seems simpler. Drive, read, eat, play music, and sleep. Now granted I don't live so frivolously, as preparing for tour is one of the most stressful parts. Unlike the popular notion that most bands on tour make lots of money, we do not. I have to make sure I have enough money to pay my bills and eat on tour, which is all a part of how life is, so I'm not complaining. Tour is great and i wouldn't trade it for the world... ok, maybe I would, but all I'm saying is I'm excited to head out. take a breath of fresh air from different states, meet new people, sleep on their floor, see old friends. Even if you aren't in a band, I would recommend traveling, whether by your own means or found ones. Take time to do something different. Don't get too stagnant in what you do. Live a little. Anyway, It will be good. I'll be out for two weeks and then back to this lovely steel city.

Every time I head out I tell myself I'll be doing a lot of sketching on the road, but I only come back with a couple. But this time, I mind you, I'll try even harder! I'll try and keep some posts going along the road. You know, funny tour stories, mishaps and the like.

P.S. If you're interested you can check out the band I'm in at

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What have we here?

well sorry for the lack of post lately, I was enjoying those sketch of the day (and plan to keep them coming.) however, like most things it was put off due to work. I've been working on cranking out a couple pages for one of the comics I'm working on and an album layout as well. I'll post the comic stuff here as a tease soon enough.

Well, on the non-productive side of my life, I've started watching a lovely TV series provided by my friend Scott Benson called "Carnivale".

It takes place in 1935ish during the great depression. I'm halfway through season 1 and It's quite good. I recommend it highly.

anyway that's all for now. back to the comic.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Up the Punx!

Punk Rot

Illustration originally done for a poster design for the bands FBS and OCD. But I liked it so much I put up the art by itself. done with photoshop.