Thursday, June 11, 2009

What have we here?

well sorry for the lack of post lately, I was enjoying those sketch of the day (and plan to keep them coming.) however, like most things it was put off due to work. I've been working on cranking out a couple pages for one of the comics I'm working on and an album layout as well. I'll post the comic stuff here as a tease soon enough.

Well, on the non-productive side of my life, I've started watching a lovely TV series provided by my friend Scott Benson called "Carnivale".

It takes place in 1935ish during the great depression. I'm halfway through season 1 and It's quite good. I recommend it highly.

anyway that's all for now. back to the comic.

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Vinton J Bayne said...

Thats really funny, some friends from a community house and I started watching that show a month or so ago.

We watched the first disc and have yet to continue it though... but we always talk about how we need to watch it... haha

watch out, I hear it gets dirty...