Monday, September 21, 2009

the Red Right Hand

This piece I did for for their Character of the Week(CHOW) thread. Based in a fictional WWII theme, this is a depiction of a Soviet super hero, the Red Right Hand. You can find this in the CHOW #173 thread. Done in photoshop.

I uploaded some High Definition videos showing the full process from sketch to final touches. I apologize for the necessity of commitment if interested as the first and last are about 10 min. each with part 2 being a full 25 min. I sped them up as fast as i could (1000 times their original speed) but regardless it's still a hefty investment. feel free to skip ahead or what not if so desired. If you have any questions about the process and what I'm doing in their feel free to shoot me a message.
-cheers, Denman

the Red Right Hand: part 1- sketch from Denman Rooke on Vimeo.

the Red Right Hand: part 2- grayscale from Denman Rooke on Vimeo.

the Red Right Hand: part 3- color from Denman Rooke on Vimeo.

Here are some of the reference photos I used. I used these references mainly for uniform styles and overall soviet tone. But it's also important to get anatomy references, I use a mirror for most projects when dealing with male anatomy, but I've used plenty of photo reference when needed as well. As long as you can get an understanding on how the muscles and other tissue fall over the bones of the body you're in the clear.

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