Friday, May 21, 2010

Art Dump- Illustrations from the day job.

Well, It's been quite a while since my last post. As some of you know I got an in-house job two and a half months ago, so that would explain the lack of posted work. So I figured I'd post a few of my favorite illustrations from the past couple months. The employer I work for is a screen printing company based here in Pittsburgh and I'm on board the art department. We mainly print our shirts all in-house with 5 machine presses running day and night. We design and print for most mass-market retailers, so that's why you'll see an eclectic use of styles, as we try and branch out to reach many designs and trends. I've removed most text and logos for the sole reason that I didn't care for them that much, and quite frankly some of the verbiage was just horrid. Regardless, I quite fancied the work themselves, as much to share them with you today.

In other news, the comic is coming along. And soon enough I'll be posting the cover and first 5 pages with some promotional stuff as well. I'm just waiting for the publisher (Arcana Studios) to post the pages on their site and announce it before I do so.

Also, good friends of mine have recently started their own film/video prodoction company handsomely entitled Death Perception Pictures. Check out their website at, which should be up shortly with info on their finished and current projects and links to their podcast "the Deathcast". Which delves into discussions on film, tv, video games, and other entertainment news topics. Seriously, check it out.
                  -cheers, Denman Rooke

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