Saturday, June 4, 2011

the Evil Tree pages

A couple years ago I started working with a writer from the Los Angeles area by the name of Erik Hendrix on a graphic novel. Long story short, trying to juggle time between investing in a graphic novel and trying to earn a living didn't work. So I had to back out of the project. Good news is he's found a new artist to take on the project with a planned release in 2012.

So, since they won't end up being used, I figured I'd share some of the pages here without dialogue, as to preserve Erik's story. And if the right person sees it, possibly get some paid comic work in the future.


Unknown said...

Shame..Looks like allot of time spent. Was the intention to always stay B&W?
The first few frames would really benefit from some dialogue. I would like to understand what the female character is in distress about.

Denman Rooke said...

Ya, a bit of a shame, but oh well. I learned a lot. The plan was also to be in color, but I wasn't going to attack that till after the inks were done. Either that or hire a colorist. The novel is still hopefully going to be published next year, so you can read the dialogue then. Thanks for the interest.