Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bear Warrior

Bear Warrior © Denman Rooke
Well It's been a little while since the last full illustration, but what I've lacked in post, hopefully I've gained in quality. I really enjoyed working on this piece. The inspiration came after playing quite a few hours of Skyrim (if you can't tell), So while still hyped on the epicness that is that game, I decided to just tackle a full illustration. I mean come on, a bear clad north man, frost giants, blood and axes... what more could you ask for?

The first new thing that I attempted in the piece was photoshop's new natural media brushes (Which I believe was introduced with CS5). They've been lingering in the background over the past few months, but I never got around to trying them out. Until now. And as some of you know, I started with traditional mediums in school and jumped to digital circa 2007, about the time I first jumped into freelance work. Ever since then, I've been trying to pull back that traditional feel into my digital work. And these digital brushes have come the closest for me so far.

The second thing I did with this piece was posted the progress on wipnation.com. Which is a fantastic new social art site where you can post the image archeology as you're working on it and get critique from fellow artists right on the site.

Which leads me to my third item. Concept art. So as you can see in the archeology, I originally had the giants as orcs of sorts. (I was making it up as I went. Probably not the best idea, but oh well.) Anyway, I wanted to make the piece more "Nordic", so I decided on creating some Frost Giants for the piece instead. So I sketched this little guy in the good ol' sketchbook.

Frost Giant © Denman Rooke
And lastly, I used more reference. Which is one thing I've been really noticing I need to improve on. After attending Illuxcon for the first time this year and hearing some great feedback from art directors and fellow artists, I was really hit hard with the need to focus on my reference. Not to be bound by it, but to really study it.

So there you have it. Possibly the longest post I've done in a while. But hey, it wasn't that bad right?

-cheers, Denman


Markus said...

I find that this is best way to make a great painting. making it up as you go. inspiring yourself with your own progress. If it takes longer, the payoff is mostly better over all. It turned out great. There is a lot to be seen in very little time. A warrior coming to after a climactic, bloodthristy rage. looking around wondering what exactly happened, filled with residual adrenaline. even the slain characters have enogh depth to hold the eye after discovering everything in the highlighted areas... the lighting and atmosphere is great. Very rewarding to look at. Great video, too.

Denman Rooke said...

Thanks so much Markus.

Cedric said...

I agree with Markus, this is beautiful piece :) I found your blog through your thread on the "Finally Finished" section of CA. Thank you for the inspiration, and for providing such a detailed breakdown of your process, for other artists like me to learn from!

Kind regards,